Pressed Kerb, Edge & Gullys

Walling & Edging

Pressed Kerb

Pressed Kerb is a traditional heavy-duty kerbing system which is highly durable. Perfect for driveways, it is produced with a natural finish, making it easy to blend with any surroundings as well as being very hard wearing.

Pressed Kerb is available in Natural colour.

Pressed Kerb Laid
200mm x 100mm x 915mm
Pressed Kerb

Kerb & Edge

Our Kerb & Edge range features a natural and exposed aggregate surface which emulates the style of traditional granite kerbs and edges. Our kerb has been designed with strength and durability in mind. This is an attractive edging product which can be used where a heavy duty kerb is not required.

Kerb & Edge is available in Natural colour.

Bull Nose Pressed Shaded
200mm x 100mm x 915mm
150mm x 75mm x 915mm
150mm x 50mm x 915mm
Kerb And Edge


Gully has a shallow open ended water channel section, suitable for the drainage of water. Gully is available in Natural colour.

Granite Gully
6 x 3 (Water Gully 150mm x 75mm x 915mm)
8 x 4 (Water Gully 200mm x 100mm x 915mm)
Granite Gully Isolated